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01-14-18 | West & East

9 Habits learned living in China - (2/3)

At WE Living we love our Chinese heritage and our modern American design. In our last blog post, 9 Habits Learned While Living in China, we shared with you about how we find ourselves traveling between both the eastern and western worlds. When we return from one country or the other we can’t help but notice that we have picked up some habits along the way. 

Below is a continuation of that list of quirky habits! 

4. WeChat is your life

With 700 million users, WeChat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.  But it’s much more than a messenger app.

Wechat = Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Mobile Bank + a whole lot of other things.

Wechat is like Facebook in that it’s a place to share your photos and posts. It also allows you to send text messages, voice messages and tons of emojiis. You can even send files as attachments like you do with email.

It is like Skype in that you can make online voice or video call.

It is like Venmo through in that you can transfer money between friends.

It’s your mobile bank through which you can pay utility bills, groceries, restaurants and even taxis.

Almost all companies and government agencies have their official accounts where they share information daily. So this is your news hub too. It almost feels strange to not immediately exchange WeChat handles when meeting someone new for the first time?

 5. Everything is mobile

The Chinese skipped laptops and adopted everything related to smart phones extremely fast. Chinese people use their smart phones more than anyone else in the world.

Order food? – Smart phone

Call a taxi? – Smart phone

Play games? – Smart phone

Pay for, well, anything? – smart phone. Because you can pay everything with mobile apps like WeChat and Alipay it’s actually very rare to even bring your wallet along when going out.


6. Caring deeply about the real estate market

Most young Americans relish the independence of renting their own apartment. It’s a right of passage that's usually enjoyable and without risk. However, in China the renting experience can be very different. Purchasing a home is a very powerful investment tool and culturally very important. Real estate prices have gone up significantly in the past three years and everyone is paying close attention. Chinese people of all ages and professions fear missing out on the return of the real estate market. In addition, there is a fear that rent prices will shoot up along with the real estate market. This and the cultural importance placed on owning a home have lead the Chinese to deeply care about real estate.

For more habits learned while living in China, keep an eye on our blog! Do you have some habits you have picked up from travel? We would love to hear from you! Contact us or message us on social media for a chance to be featured! 


WE Living takes inspiration from both the East and the West. Our furniture pieces and homegoods use the dovetail as a structural element to pay homage to Eastern traditions while keeping to a modern, minimalist design. For more articles about our cultural inspirations, continue to follow our blog. To shop our minimalist dovetail design, visit WE Living.