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11-17-17 | West & East

9 Habits Learned Living in China - (1/3)

At WE Living we love our Chinese heritage and our modern American design. We work endlessly to strike the perfect balance of western and eastern influences; authenticity and timelessness. We find ourselves traveling between both worlds, both figuratively and literally. And when we return from one country or the other we can’t help but notice that we have picked up some habits along the way. We wanted to share some of those quirky habits with you today!

Below is a list of habits you might find yourself falling into after living in China for some time.


 1. Drinking hot water

In China, it’s a sign of hospitality to serve guests hot water or tea. Because of this you probably won’t be drinking ice water very often. After some time you get used to drinking hot water, and may even find yourself reaching for it back in the States, especially in winter or when you get sick.


2. Always asking for a discount

Chinese love a good bargain. Even if only to save a few dollars, people are more than happy to engage in a battle of the wits for over 20 minutes. After being ripped off or laughed at too many times, this bartering habit starts to grow on you.


3. Doing beer shots

“Cheers” in Chinese literally means “bottom up” (Gan Bei). While in the West beers are often sipped, in China it is common to finish the glass in one shot. You can also expect this beer to be served warm.

 For more habits learned while living in China, keep an eye on our blog! Do you have some habits you have picked up from travel? We would love to hear from you! Contact us or message us on social media for a chance to be featured! 


WE Living takes inspiration from both the East and the West. Our pieces use the dovetail as a structural element to pay homage to Eastern traditions while keeping to a modern, minimalist design. For more articles about our cultural inspirations, continue to follow our blog. To shop our minimalist dovetail design, visit WE Living.